Top 3 Main Differences Between New and Old Ovens

We may not realize it completely but our appliances, even though they work like the one possessed by our parents, are technological masterpieces. They do more than cooking. One of the best examples of that are our modern ovens.

Several different aspects separate our today's ovens from our parents' ones. The materials, the additional technologies which allow more control and ease cleaning, the services needed.


Main differences in a  nutshell!


#1 Materials

Inside each modern cooker there are small computers, screens, special isolation, heat resistant cables, artistically designed buttons, easy to clean and heat resistant glass. All of these were around 30 years ago. Today’s ovens cook faster and better thanks to smart heat distributing technologies. Huge percentage of the heat produced inside old ovens is lost due to bad isolation. Today that number is led to minimum and heat is used only for cooking not warming rooms.

Oven's glass doors are special and consists of several layers. That allows higher heat resistance, less loses and easier cleaning. Thanks to innovative system for dissemblance of the door, cleaning is considerably simpler as well.

Recycled materials are used for producing modern ovens. An environmentally friendly technology which lowers manufacturing costs and allows easier access to these machines for significant number of people.


#2 Technologies

Modern ovens can be adjusted to cook specific types of food. Their "chef brains" know how each meal should be treated in order to be delicious. With all the wiring, computer chips and 21 century style automation, even a non professional can cook delicious and healthy quality meals.


#3 Services

Today’s ovens, unfortunately need more servicing and maintaining than the old ones. Modern machinery's reliability goes as long as their warranty. After that, they'll most probably  brake. There are more details to go wrong compared to old machinery.

Modern ovens are different and in many ways better. As long as they are served and cleaned professionally you can expect them to serve you well and long. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and professional cleaners' tips for servicing and preserving the quality of current appliances.