How Often Should I Clean My Fridge?

How often should I clean my fridge? The need to own a clean and presentable home has driven homemakers and housewives for eternity to bring their best game and shine as immaculate stars of domesticity. Imagine yourself being the perfect housekeeper, full of little tricks. What makes you all-capable? Skill set? Tools? A powerful, but secret homemade detergent? The correct answer is timing and knowing when to clean. Take the refrigerator as an example. Do you know how to answer the question 'how often should I clean my fridge'? 

The answer varies, because with all things in life, it depends on a multitude of factors, which you've to be aware of at all times. Let's start with the obvious.

Fridge Storage Habits

How often should I clean my fridge? The most obvious answer is to wait for the smell to arrive. I'm sure everyone has smelled a stench worthy of being mentioned in a horror novel. After picking and prodding through the fridge, you notice that leftovers or dairy has gone off, forgotten in the heart of eternal chill that is your fridge. This is a common scenario for families with children and a dynamic lifestyle. If you stock your fridge to its fullest and feed more than three people, then save one day in every second week for cleaning your fridge from the top to the bottom, because meals, products and produce exchange odours rather quickly.

For smaller families with less intensive dynamics, you can cut the cleaning to a once-a-month affair, but you have to be aware of how you store food. Do you leave unpacked food in your fridge? Then you shouldn't be surprised, when your fridge starts to smell about a week after you've deep cleaned it. By changing your habits a little bit you can succeed in keeping that smell from manifesting itself for as long as possible. However, these are all minimal requirements to keep the fridge a safer and healthier storage space.

Use plastic boxes with a good seal to isolate different meals and products from one another. You've probably noticed how unpacked food in an already off-smelling fridge will absorb all the unpleasant odours. As a result, the taste properties change as well. If you wish to clean your fridge less often, then you will need some help from natural odour absorbers such as baking soda or coffee grounds.

Cleaning Habits

What's your attitude towards cleaning? Your attitude will determine your motivation and skills with cleaning chores. Do you perceive cleaning as a time sink, annoying and enslaving? Then, you're not going to go out of your way to clean your fridge frequently, so keeping to the barest minimum could very well be the best you can do. An alternative is to hire professional cleaners to do this for you. To be honest having cleaners in your home has become a wide practice, so it shouldn't bother you to do so.

On the other end of the spectrum are the homemakers. If you love to clean and can't stand filth at all in your home, then you will be inclined to clean your fridge more frequently. If you're wonder how often you should clean your fridge, I'd say every time you bring in large grocery bags to refill your fridge. During these times, the fridge will be at its emptiest and you can easily disinfect its insides as a great welcoming gesture for your fresh groceries. From a sanitary standpoint, I recommend for this routine to remain in your home.


Nothing is set in stone. Your priorities will definitely shift at some point and cleaning the fridge has never been a life or death situation, unless you leave fish for more than overnight. It's quite likely to be unable to follow through your regular routine every time, but as long as you hold to the barest of minimum cleaning mentioned above, then you are safe.

As you can see, even a simple question like 'how often should I clean my fridge' can have one too many good answers. Be flexible and keep in mind our tips. Of course, if this task inspires dread, there is always professional fridge cleaning you can rely on.