How Often Should I Clean My Freezer?

How Often Should I Clean My FreezerDomesticity isn't an exact and you won't find a list of formulas to fit every situation. You'll find out on your own how to work through your house, which rooms need attention more than others. Time and observation teaches what happens with all the surfaces, furnitures and appliances we can watch closely. Things complicate severely once you have to consider appliances, which work all the time, yet remain out of sight and out of mind, much like the freezer.

How often should I clean my freezer is a question not many can answer straight ahead, because the first reaction most homemakers experience is wonderment that freezers should be cleaned. That's a natural attitude. After all, the freezer is always in use and so cold that you would presume that there is no need to clean the freezer since nothing can withstand subzero temperatures. While that may be true, food is food and it will leave traces of itself behind, which should not be kept.

After we have confirmed that freezers should be cleaned, let's look at different freezer types.

Small Box

What most people will easily recognize is the small freezer box installed in big family fridges with a small capacity, but still quite handy for frozen meats and treats like ice cream. Considering their small size, defrosting should not be of concern and you can schedule in cleaning your freezer along with your fridge. This will rid the freezer of any odours that may have been caught in the moisture inside. Small freezers like this are more likely to attracts spills and stains, so you should be careful with the storage as well, because even when frozen food leaves its mark.


If you are a fan of storage and hate to make frequent trips to buy meat or other products, then you're the person to own a big freezer in your basement or adjacent to the kitchen room. These freezers do need to be cleaned seasonally, since they do work continuously. Fact is that with freezers chances are for the frost to cover the cooling coils and create an insulation, which means that your food will be stored at lesser temperatures, potentially ruining them. Defrosting and cleaning is beneficial from a functionality standpoint and should be done at least three times a year, when your stock runs at a low.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you determine, when is the right time for you to clean your freezer. For those that see this as too much unnecessary work, there is always professional freezer cleaning.